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Girders All The Way

April 2, 2010

A major milestone … in my opinion … was reached earlier this week. Workers finished installing girders along the entire length of the SB 190 to WB I-30 exit ramp. I was lucky enough to drive by just before the last four girders were lifted into place. I’ve visited the site many times … but this was the first time I’d ever witnessed girders lifted into their final resting place.

The WB I-30 to NB 190 exit ramp has become much closer to completion over the past few months. I expect it will completed by early summer.

There was nothing more than a gaping hole beneath Interstate 30 back in January. It has now been filled with thirty completed columns and workers are starting on the first beam.

Over at the Lake Ray Hubbard shoreline … seven new sections of NB 190 roadway have been extended over the water since January.

President George Bush Turn Pike Eastern Extension at Interstate 30 Construction photos by Dallas architecture & engineering photographer JA2 Photography  |  Workers installing concrete girder

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This post marks my one-year anniversary documenting Section 32 of the PGBT Eastern Extension. I shot the first photos on January 22, 2009 and the most recent today. It’s hard to believe there were no visible signs of an interchange or direct-connect bridge just 12 months ago. There were even Lakeway Forest apartment buildings still standing in my first photos. I still regret the fact I didn’t start a few months sooner in order to capture the landscape as it was before and during demolition in late 2008.

There’s not much to report since last month … but there have been some significant visual changes since the last update.

  • Most of the the girders for the WB-I30 to NB-190 are in place.
  • The second set of steel girders for the EB-I30 to NB-190 are in place.
  • Excavation for the EB/WB I-30 bridge is complete
  • The end of the SB-190 to WB-I30 ramp is beginning to take shape near Zion Road.

I found an interesting PDF the other day at the It shows the proposed alignments south of Interstate 30 as of January 2007 in great detail. I’d assume it’s still accurate because the current construction is exactly as illustrated in the PDF.

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