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October 2011 Update

October 16, 2011

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Today I ran across new Google Earth imagery of the construction site. Based on my photos it looks to be from mid-November 2009. It’s pretty cool to see things in the two totally different perspectives. I also decided to overlay the 2007 alignments on to the new imagery. It’s not exact, but the illustration gives a very good idea of what structures and land are in the East Branch’s path.

Overall, construction has slowed due to rain and record snow. I haven’t visited the site on foot in a while … which means no new photos YET. I see new progress every other week or so and I’m anxious to get over there. Lots of new girders have been raised and the first few sections of direct-connect bridge roadway are extending over the lake. New photos will be coming soon!

PGBT Section 32 aerial image before - Image provided by Google Earth

I decided to go check things out across the lake in Rowlett this past weekend. I must say that I was a quite underwhelmed at the progress that’s been made over there. Granted they did start a few months later on the north end of the lake than the southern … but it’s just a road they’re building over there. The only visible signs of progress are bits and pieces of the future roadway’s drainage system. There’s also the beginnings of the wall that will stand beside the future turn-around … allowing drivers to turn around before crossing the lake. I’m probably a little naive to what all is involved over there. Or … maybe I just haven’t appreciated how fast the Austin Bridge & Road crews are cranking out their piece of the project. Either way … I won’t be going over to Rowlett again anytime soon. But I might be checking out the area near Firewheel in the near future … just because. They’re not as exciting to look at … but here’s a few images I captured in Rowlett south of Kirby Road and north of Lake Ray Hubbard in Section 31.

Photography of President George Bush Turnpike construction in Rowlett by JA2 Photography

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