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Late Update – August 2010

October 27, 2010

It’s been many months and … officially been two months since I’ve been over to the site. Much progress has been made since these images were captured back in August … but nothing dramatic in the visual sense. All of the girders are in place on all ramps between the lake and Interstate 30, the westbound lanes of the I-30 overpass are complete and open to both directions of traffic and the one-mile bridge has officially reached the Rowlett shoreline.

President George Bush Turn Pike Eastern Extension at Interstate 30 Construction photos by Dallas architecture & engineering photographer JA2 Photography  |  Road & Bridge construction at sunset

Want to see more images? Click on the image or click here.

Today I ran across new Google Earth imagery of the construction site. Based on my photos it looks to be from mid-November 2009. It’s pretty cool to see things in the two totally different perspectives. I also decided to overlay the 2007 alignments on to the new imagery. It’s not exact, but the illustration gives a very good idea of what structures and land are in the East Branch’s path.

Overall, construction has slowed due to rain and record snow. I haven’t visited the site on foot in a while … which means no new photos YET. I see new progress every other week or so and I’m anxious to get over there. Lots of new girders have been raised and the first few sections of direct-connect bridge roadway are extending over the lake. New photos will be coming soon!

PGBT Section 32 aerial image before - Image provided by Google Earth