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Progress over at the Section 32 construction site is still movin’ right along. The last update included photos up to November 1st and although much has been done since then … there are only a handful of things that have changed significantly:

  • A DEAL launching girder has been assembled to construct the one-mile bridge. Crews have almost completed the first two sections of roadway foundation.
  • A second set of overpass girders are now in place on the westbound Interstate 30 to northbound 190 ramp on the Garland shoreline.
  • Bridge support columns are now emerging from the water almost all the way across Lake Ray Hubbard. Workers are currently at the Rowlett shoreline.
  • The first eastbound 1-30 to northbound 190 girders were raised into place this week.
  • Workers have completed much of the roadway for the southbound 190 to westbound I-30 ramp … in it’s current state.
  • More partial support columns now stand near Interstate 3o for the southbound 190 to eastbound I-30 ramp.
  • Nearly all of of the support columns for the westbound I-30 to northbound 190 ramp are now completed. The rest are in final stages.
  • Major excavation has been done under old Interstate 30 to begin building the future bridge.
  • Construction of the final section of the southbound 190 to westbound I-30 ramp is now underway alongside the I-30 access road.

Now that most of the support columns are almost complete … the overpasses should start becoming visible very soon!

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Over the past eight months a surprising number of people interested in the construction have found my blog by searching the Internet. Many of them are local citizens … and like myself … will be … or have already been directly impacted. Others simply drive by every day, or on occasion, and wonder what the heck is going on. I’ve had numerous inquiries asking if I know anything about the future East Branch Project for State Highway 190 which will continue through Garland … into Sunnyvale until it meets Interstate 20 near Lawson Road. The last meeting I attended displayed an arial photograph combined with illustrations of the roadway median passing directly through the intersection of Peninsula Way and Locust Grove and continuing along side Wind Surf Bay Park. Beyond that I know nothing more than what can be found here.

Previous updates are in the process of being re-located to this blog … until then check them out here.

Be sure to visit the photo galleries for an extensive look at the construction area where you also can flag multiple images for before & after comparison.

The images on this blog and within it’s photo galleries are for documentation purposes only and capturing great images is not my main objective. But … on occasion I do manage to capture some nice images in a seemly not-so-nice place.

Project photo galleries

Here are some of this months highlights:

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