Why Take Photos?

January 20, 2010

I’m glad you asked!

Basically, I’m trying to document a small piece of Texas history. It’s like taking before & after pictures of your home. Images like this are not typically thought of … or fully appreciated until after construction is finished. I have been a local citizen to the area of impact for over 30 years. As a child I used to hear my parents talk about the future highway that may come through our house that sits just South of I-30 near Zion Road. That segment of the expansion is now referred to as the East Branch. And … for some reason that fascinated me just as much then as it does now. I’ve seen many changes to the local landscape in my life … but it’s only a distant memory now. I also used to wonder what Lake Ray Hubbard looked like before it was a lake … and I still do today. For now … I’m still limited to the images created by my imagination from childhood because there doesn’t seem to be any documentation or imagery readily available. Faced with that frustration I decided not to sit and watch another change come and go. So I decided to combine my childhood fascination with my professional abilities for present and future citizens of the Lake Ray Hubbard community who may want to know what it used to look like around here pre-PGBT.

In case you’re wondering … the East Branch is not going to go through my childhood home. It’s actually going to come through the neighborhood where my wife and I currently live and I’m not 100% certain my home will be taken. I hope they do … otherwise … we’ll be living in the middle of a construction site. I’m not angry like a lot of people directly affected. I am actually kind of excited about the whole thing. Once East Branch construction starts … I will again be documenting before and after images in order to remember what the area I used to live in looked like before I was driving over it everyday.