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For those of you that don’t know, and if this is your first time to read my blog … the George Bush Turnpike Eastern Extension has been rumored to come through this area for over 30 years. Over the past couple of months that vision has come to fruition by demolition and beginning stages of construction. Being a citizen who will be directly impacted by this project … I’ve become inspired to document it’s progress. Be sure to check out the archives to view all entries on this project. As mentioned before, the photos I capture of this project are simply for documentation purposes and I do not expect them to be added to my portfolio. However … I will always be on the lookout for the occasional piece of interestingness laying around the project site just in case. So even if you’re not interested in the project itself … but are interested in my photos … be sure to take a look to see if I found anything cool to photograph while I was out documenting.

There’s been quite a bit of progress made in the past month. Unfortunately, much of it is not very obvious which means there’s not much to photograph. Among the obvious … all remaining structures have been demolished, all trees have been shredded into 20-30 ft high mounds and the future highway’s path is now apparent. The entry/exit point in Rowlett became apparent this week by the sudden clearing of trees. A few new bridge supports can now be seen rising from the ground near the lake at Zion Road. There is also a peculiar floating structure complete with a mini tugboat looking vessel on the lake. I imagine that it will be used to create the one-mile bridge across Lake Ray Hubbard between Rowlett and Garland … pull some trees out while you’re at it!

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